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The U-Bill is an electronic bill where we will post University charges. All notifications are sent to the student through their @iastate.edu email address. The bill is available on the 1st of the month and due on the 20th. The U-Bill is always considered the responsibility of the student and without the student's permission information will not be shared with you 


How can my student authorize me to get information about their U-Bill?

There are two things the student can do to authorize you to get information

Account Info Release - this option will allow our office to be able to provide billing details to you when you call. Your student can also sign you up here to get the same U-Bill notifications that they get to the email of your choice

Third Party Access - this option will allow you to go into AccessPlus and view the U-Bill, pay the U-Bill, and get other important information and documents regarding your student 


How can I pay?

Online - pay with your checking account and routing number in AccessPlus if your student has given you Third Party Access

Drop Box - located on the ground floor of Beardshear Hall, you can drop off a check or certified funds

Mail - send check or certified funds to:

ISU Treasurer's Office 
1220 Beardshear Hall 
515 Morrill Rd
Ames, IA 50011

Educational Savings Accounts / 529 Plan - start by contacting your plan administrator to find out what they require to release funds


Are payment plans available?

Pay In Full - Pay account balance list on U-Bill by due dates; you may have additional miscellaneous charges throughout the semester

Deferred Billing Plan - $20 fee per semester, 3 installments per semester, pay minimum due listed on U-Bill to enroll

Monthly Payment Plan - $50 annual fee, covers only Fall/Spring charges, auto-debit from checking or savings account on the 20th each month (required), sign up is done in AccessPlus and open from April through mid-July


Educational Tax Credit (1098-T)

The tax form 1098-T can be found on your student's AccessPlus account under the Student tab and Tax Info (1098) or in your Third Party AccessPlus account if your student has granted you access to it 


Orientation Information

Information included in the orientation slides below are for the 2018/2019 academic year.  

View the complete orientation slideshow for domestic students and families

Orientation Slides (Powerpoint)

View the complete orientation slideshow for international students and families

Orientation Slides - International (PDF)



FERPA: The Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act

If you've got questions, check out this quick tutorial: FERPA