The Accounts Receivable Office is responsible for the billing and collection of the following loan programs: Federal Perkins Loan, Health Profession Student Loan (HPSL), Loans for Disadvantaged Students (LDS), and University Long Term Loans (ULTL). Eligibility for these loan types is determined by the Office of Student Financial Aid. We cannot help you with your Federal Direct Stafford Loans or any private loans you may have borrowed.

University Accounting Service (UAS) is our contracted billing servicer to assist in the billing and collections of these loans. Their phone number is (844) 870-8701 and their mailing address is

University Accounting Service, LLC
4099 McEwen Road, Suite 700B
Farmers Branch, TX 75244

Frequently Asked Questions

Who do I contact if I need help completing my electronic exit counseling requirement?

Exit counseling for your Federal Perkins Loan can be completed online. If you need assistance with your post-graduation budget or ensure your budget includes your loan payments, contact the Student Financial Success Office at (515) 294-2223 for assistance

How can I obtain information about loan consolidation?

For general information call our office at (515) 294-7388 or contact Direct Lending

How do I get a loans receivable hold removed from my account?

There are two types of loans receivable holds:

A hold is placed if an exit interview is not completed. Go to, click on Useful Links, choose Exit Interview then complete the requirements. If you require assistance please contact University Accounting Service, our billing servicer, at (844) 870-8701.

A hold is placed once your Federal Perkins Loan, HPSL, LDS, or ULTL becomes 60 days past due. You may call UAS or visit their website to determine the amount past due and make payments. You may also contact Accounts Receivable at (515) 294-7388 regarding the hold.

How can I find out why Iowa State University is listed on my credit bureau report?

Iowa State University is required to report the loan status of Federal Perkins Loans, Health Profession Student Loans, Loans for Disadvantaged Students and University Long Term Loans. Contact Accounts Receivable at (515) 294-7388 to determine if you have one of these types of loans.

How can I report a change in my name?

In order to report a name change, you must send the documentation to our billing servicer, University Accounting Service. Documentation includes a copy of the marriage license or SSN card. Also, include your previous name.

How can I make a change in my address?

To change your address for your Federal Perkins Loans, HPSL, LDS, or ULTL contact University Accounting Service at (844) 870-8701. To submit a foreign address change, please email the change.

How can I make a payment on my Federal Perkins Loan, HPSL or ULTL?

Make payments online or you can mail your payment to UAS. Be sure to include your account number and the fact that it is for an Iowa State University loan.

How can I determine if I am entitled to a deferment or cancellation on my Federal Perkins Loan, HPSL or ULTL and, if so, how may I file for one?

You can view your information online and go to download deferment, cancellation and forbearance forms. The completed forms should be mailed to UAS.

How can I find out how much interest I paid on my Federal Perkins Loan, HPSL or ULTL?

You can find out how much interest you paid by contacting our billing servicer, UAS.