Educational Savings Account:

  1. Contact the Educational Savings Account Plan Administrator and let them know that your student is attending Iowa State University.
  2. Inquire from the Educational Savings Account Plan Administrator if they need an invoice sent directly from Iowa State University on your student’s behalf.
    • If the plan DOES NOT require an invoice directly from the University, you will need to work with the Plan Administrator on how to request the withdrawal of funds.
    • If the plan states that they DO REQUIRE an invoice directly from the University, please complete the Educational Savings Account Form 

529 - ESA Form (Summer 2024)

529 - ESA Form (Fall 2024 - Spring 2025)

For questions related to this ESA/529 process please email

Transitional Fund Account:

Currently, our customer/department portals do not accept Workday Driver Worktags (Program, Gift, Grant, or Project). Please complete the form below to have a transitional fund account number generated for legacy (AccessPlus/ADIN) continuing business purposes until we are able to fully convert our systems to Workday Worktag information.

Transitional Fund Account Request

For questions related to this transitional fund process please email

Departmental Payment Transfer:

This form can be used to apply a payment to charges that have been billed through the U-Bill on a student or customer account.  This form is necessary when the student or customer has paid directly to the department instead of the Treasurer's Office and the payment was previously processed into Workday with the Record Cash Sale or Ad Hoc Payment processes to a driver worktag.  Completing this form ensures the customer is provided credit for their payment to their outstanding U-Bill charge activity and their billing statements are accurately reflecting their payments

Departmental Payment Transfer Request Form

Important Departmental Payment Transfer (BTOP) Change: Beginning July 26, 2024, Accounts Receivable is converting to Workday. The final day to submit a Departmental Payment Transfer (BTOP) request is July 17, 2024. Additional communication will be provided to departments utilizing the Departmental Payment Transfer request form to inform them of Workday payment application processes. Please email with any questions.

Late Fee Appeal:

Complete our Late Fee Appeal form if you were assessed a late fee and would like to appeal the charge.  Appeal requests are reviewed on a case-by-case basis and approval is not guaranteed. Our staff will review your appeal and will follow-up once a decision has been made.

Late Fee Appeal Form