Payment Plans

  • Pay in Full

    If you pay the full account balance listed on the U-Bill by the 20th of the month, there will be no additional fees. There is always the chance of other charges being added, but paying in full will avoid any late fees.

  • Deferred Billing ($20 fee)

    When the new semester's U-Bill is available on the 1st of the month it will show the total balance and a minimum payment listed. Simply pay the minimum due listed on the U-Bill by 20th of the month and you will automatically be enrolled in the Deferred Billing Plan.

    This plan splits your semester bill (tuition, mandatory fees, room, and meal plan) into up to 3 installments for an additional $20 deferred billing fee per semester. The $20 deferred billing fee is added to your second installment.

    The payments on this plan will need to be completed as follows:

    • Fall:
      • August
      • September
      • October
    • Spring:
      • January
      • February
      • March
    • Summer:
      • May
      • June
      • July

    The minimum payment is calculated by billing the approximate 1/3 of eligible deferred charges (tuition, room, meal plan, and some fees) plus all of the miscellaneous (non-deferred) charges that have been added to the U-Bill during the month. This is the minimum amount due displayed on your U-Bill.

    Starting in the Fall 2024 semester all payments must be made in Workday and the Deferred Billing Plan must be signed up for when making payments.

Payment Methods


Payments on AccessPlus use your account and routing number. Credit/debit cards are NOT accepted for U-Bill payments.

Payments on Workday (starting Fall 2024) can be made with account and routing number or with credit/debit cards, with a fee.


Checks and Certified Funds

Make checks payable to Iowa State University with the Student ID Number or Customer Number in the memo/remit line. Checks and certified funds can be mailed or put in the drop box located on the ground floor of Beardshear Hall.


International Payments

Iowa State University does not accept direct wire payments. All international payments should be facilitated through Convera or wired to a US account used for online payments.

Processing FAQ

  • Bank-to-bank transfer initiated through your AccessPlus account
  • Pay in the currency of your choice and have it converted to U.S. Dollars
  • If the currency of your choice is not listed select USD and the banks will process the conversion
  • Exchange rate valid for 72 hours after transaction is initiated
  • Payments transmitted to ISU electronically, typically posted in 3 to 5 days

Education Savings Accounts and 529 Plans

Funds from Education Savings Accounts and 529 Plans are accepted. Be sure to check your provider's plan-specific process to make payments.


Employer Reimbursement Deferment Plan

With this option, applicable charges can be deferred until after grades are posted, allowing employer tuition reimbursement plans to pay those fees.


Sponsored Students

Sponsored students have an external source other than a student loan or type of financial aid that is responsible for their tuition costs. This includes financial guarantees from an organization, government agency, or trust.


Past Due Balances

You will not be able to register for classes for the next term or get a copy of your transcript until you have resolved a past due balance hold. U-Bill charges at the University Book Store or other ISU Departments also may be restricted.


1098-T Tax Forms

1098-T forms are available on AccessPlus by January 15th each year.



Contact the Accounts Receivable Office by email or phone, 515-294-7388.