A sponsored contract is an external source that is responsible for the tuition cost for a designated student. In general, a sponsored contract is anything other than a student loan or other type of financial aid. The sponsor can be defined to a country, state or federal agency. It is the responsibility of the Accounts Receivable Office to initiate billings to the individual sponsor for payment.

Types of Sponsors:

  • International Students
  • Post Secondary
  • Vet Med
  • Federal Agencies
    • Federal Cage Code: 1E9Q6
    • Federal DUNS: 605606508
  • State Agencies
  • Trust Funds
  • ROTC

International Sponsored Students

It is necessary for an organization that is sponsoring an international student to complete the Sponsored Billing Form and return it to the Accounts Receivable Office, 0880 Beardshear Hall, Ames, IA 50011. The form may be emailed to ubill@iastate.edu or faxed to 515-294-5461. The billings that are presented to the sponsor are based on the information provided through this form. It is still necessary for all international students to contact International Students and Scholars Office in the Memorial Union upon arrival at Iowa State University.

Post-Secondary Sponsored Students

Post-Secondary forms are received by the Registrar’s Office for the enrollment of those students participating in the Post-Secondary program. For more detailed information on the admission and registration process please visit Post Secondary Enrollment Options.

Veterinary Medicine Sponsored Students

The ISU College of Veterinary Medicine contracts with the states of North Dakota, South Dakota and Connecticut for a limited number of positions reserved for residents of these states. The College also has a cooperative program with the University of Nebraska where students in their VM3 and VM4 years receive sponsored aid. Each semester an award is allocated to those students involved in these programs.

Federal and State Sponsored Students

For Federal and State agencies that are sponsoring students at Iowa State University, a tuition assistance voucher is submitted to the University identifying the actual tuition costs that will be covered for that specific term. The tuition assistance voucher may be emailed to ubill@iastate.edu or faxed to 515-294-3196. A sponsor billing statement is submitted to the agency for reimbursement.

Trust and Special Sponsored Students

For Trust and Special Sponsored Students a letter is forwarded to the institution identifying the actual tuition cost that will be paid according to the trust. The letter may be emailed to ubill@iastate.edu, faxed to 515-294-3196 or mailed to Iowa State University Accounts Receivable Office, 0880 Beardshear Hall, Ames, IA 50011. A sponsor billing statement is submitted to the executor of the trust fund for reimbursement.

ROTC Sponsored Students

At the beginning of each semester, a roster is submitted to the Accounts Receivable Office from the Army, Navy and Air Force ROTC units located on campus. These rosters identify the ROTC scholarship recipients and the amount to be awarded for the given term. For additional information on each of the ROTC units on campus please visit the appropriate web site: