Advising Afton Erdmann 294-0830 afton@iastate.edu International Tax Forms, International Payments, Leasing Accounts, Online Access (Businesses), University Loans Repayment (Perkins, LDS, HPSL, ULTL)
Advising Jaye Anderson 294-9455 jjander@iastate.edu Monthly Payment Plan, Bankruptcy, Deaths, Student Workers
Advising Katina Van Dyke 294-5461 kvandyke@iastate.edu Sponsor Billing-ROTC, State, Federal, International
Advising Monica Sogard 294-7397 msogard@iastate.edu VA Payments Chapter 33 - 1188/VA Debt Letters & Returns


Sheila Hamerlinck294-3701sheilah@iastate.edu

U-Bill Email, Educational Savings and 529 Plans, Employer Reimbursement Deferment Plan

Business SystemsHolly Hohanshelt294-4786hho@iastate.eduWorkday Non-Student Receivables, File Transfer Process & Schedules, Departmental Training, UR System Access, Data Integrity, Agile Project Management
Business Systems Patrick Hoffelmeyer 294-8747 phoff@iastate.edu Workday Student Financials, Workday Finance, Disbursing Aid, Graduate Aid, Course Fees
Collections Connie Rasmusson 294-5537 crasmuss@iastate.edu Students - Registration Holds, Emergency Loans, Athletes, Past Due Students, Employee Collections
Collections Jennifer Benda 294-5463 jlbenda@iastate.edu Tax Offset, Internal & External Collection Accounts, Z-Hold Past Due Accounts
CollectionsKellen Vance294-3682kellenv@iastate.eduHeld Refunds, Small Balance Collections, U-Bill Website, Social Media


Scott Kemmerer 294-2395 scottrk@iastate.edu

Departmental Billing Exceptions, Data Integrity, Returned Checks

Program AccountingAshley Correa294-2593amcorrea@iastate.eduAR Account Reconciliations, AR Reporting
Program AccountingJennifer Carpenter294-5460jc5@iastate.eduAR Account Reconciliations, AR Reporting
Associate DirectorKylie Lara294-7551kyliem@iastate.eduAR Account Reconciliations, Reconciliation of Financial Aid funds Pell, Teach, Private Loans to AR
Associate DirectorCrystal Johnson294-1466crystalj@iastate.eduWorkday Project Management, Disbursing Aid, Graduate Aid, Tax Forms 1098-T/1098-E, International Payments, IT/technical issues, UR System Access
Director Tammy Hansen 294-5413 hansent@iastate.edu Administrative, Workday Student Financials, Front Office Management, Student/Employee/External Customer Collections