Deferred Billing Plan

The Deferred Billing Plan splits your semester bill (tuition, mandatory fees, room, and meal plan) into up to 3 installments for an additional $20 deferred billing fee per semester. The $20 deferred billing fee is added to your second installment


How do I enroll?

When the new semester's U-Bill is available in AccessPlus on the 1st of the month it will show the total balance and a minimum payment listed. Simply pay the minimum due listed on the U-Bill by 20th of the month and we will automatically enroll you on the plan. The $20 deferred billing fee will appear on your next U-Bill installment

Paying an amount less than the "balance due" listed on your U-Bill will automatically enroll your U-Bill into the Deferred Billing Plan. If you have not paid at least the "minimum due" your U-Bill may be assessed a 1% finance charge and your account may be placed on hold


What are the due dates for each semester?

  • Fall:
    • August 20th
    • September 20th
    • October 20th
  • Spring:
    • January 20th
    • February 20th
    • March 20th
  • Summer:
    • May 20th
    • June 20th
    • July 20th


How is the minimum payment calculated?

The minimum payment is calculated by billing the approximate 1/3 of eligible deferred charges (tuition, room, meal plan, and some fees) plus all of the miscellaneous (non-deferred) charges that have been added to the U-Bill during the month. This is the minimum amount due displayed on your U-Bill 

Financial aid (scholarships, grants, and loans) may be used to pay towards your minimum payments but is not used when calculating the "minimum due" payment amount