Selling Departments and Service Center Operations



In order to provide for proper financial controls the selling departments must comply with established fiscal management guidelines

Authorization and Rates

In-house operations that provide goods and services are called service center operations. Authorization must be obtained from the Controller's Department (Financial Accounting and Reporting Office) before engaging in a new service center activity. Service center operations must follow established guidelines for rate development as well as procedures for doing business both on and off campus. In addition, rates must be reviewed at least annually and adjusted if necessary

Internal Sales

Sales of goods or services to other university departments or accounts within the university system are internal sales. All internal sales, including those to grant accounts, are considered internal service provider (ISP) transactions. Requests to process ISP journal entries in Workday should be directed to Finance Delivery

External Sales

Sales of goods or services to external or non-university customers are external sales. Students and employees of the university are considered to be external customers when purchasing goods and services for personal use. All external sales should be processed through the Accounts Receivable Office except when payment is collected at the point of sale

University Receivables (UR) System

Departmental non-cash sales and billable services to students, employees, and other external customers must be entered into the University Receivables (UR) System for billing and collection