U-Bill Monthly Payment Plan

ISU offers a Monthly Payment Plan for the Fall/Spring academic year. Enrollment in the plan entails calculating a budget for the upcoming year’s tuition/fees, less any loans/grants/scholarships and designating a bank account for the monthly payments.  Adjustments may need to be made to the budget when the final award amounts are given on financial aid, or when the residence hall room assignments are provided, etc. Adjustments can be made via AccessPlus at any time throughout the school year.

Highlights of the Monthly Payment Plan:

  • Allows you to spread your payments over multiple months which reduces the monthly payment amount
  • For your convenience, payments are deducted automatically from a checking or savings account…no checks to write!
  • You pay no interest (provided the budget is figured correctly and payments do not get behind)
  • There is a $50 annual enrollment fee, deducted with the first monthly payment

Important Dates to Remember:

Enrollment for the Monthly Payment Plan is open mid-March through mid-July and is established in AccessPlus.

Payment Plan Enrollment Deadline First Deducted Payment Fall Semester   Charges Paid by Last Deducted Payment
12 month April 18 April 20 September 20* March 20
11 month May 18 May 20 October 20* March 20
10 month June 16 June 20 October 20* March 20

9 month

July 18 July 20 November 20* March 20







if a balance remains outstanding, the payment plan may be underbudgeted. Refer to U-Bill in AccessPlus for outstanding balance

How do I Enroll?

Students log in to AccessPlus and select Account/U-Bill, Monthly Payment Plan (under the Student tab), and complete the two step application process (calculate budget and designate bank account).  To help you get started in creating your budget, standard full time tuition/fees and room/meal rates will be auto populated (revisions can be made as needed)

Parents may also enroll in our Monthly Payment Plan. Students must first authorize Third Party Access; this may be authorized via AccessPlus and will allow someone other than the student to log in to AccessPlus. With a new ID/password (created by the student), the third party will log in, go to Account/U-Bill, Monthly Payment Plan, and complete the two step application process

Either the student OR third party (i.e. parent) bank account may be designated

If you would like to enroll in our Monthly Payment Plan and your financial aid award has not been determined, you may either estimate your aid and adjust the budget at a later date OR wait until the awards are available in AccessPlus and enroll in one of the remaining payment plan options (within the March-July application period).

  • Bank account drafts on the Monthly Payment Plan need to be a United States bank account.


How do I update or cancel my Monthly Payment Plan?

If budget adjustments are necessary once the payment plan is underway (due to changes in financial aid, residence, or miscellaneous charges), you may update your budget in AccessPlus. Go to Account/U-Bill, Monthly Payment Plan, make any necessary adjustments to the budget and select Recalculate or enter a designated payment amount in the Override Calculated Amount and select Approve. You may also contact ubill@iastate.edu for assistance.

If the payment plan needs to be cancelled for any reason, you may do so via AccessPlus, although the $50 enrollment fee is non-refundable

Account Info Release 

Due to the confidentiality of student account activity, parents wishing to discuss their student’s account with Accounts Receivable must first obtain authorization from the student. This is done by referring to AccessPlus and selecting Account/U-Bill and Account Info Release