Welcome International Students!




How will Iowa State University contact me?

Iowa State University will communicate primarily with you through your @iastate.edu email address. We may need to contact you by phone or mailings, so it is crucial to make sure you keep your address updated through AccessPlus. Without up-to-date information, we are unable to effectively communication actions that may need to be taken to satisfy your U-Bill 


What payment types are accepted at ISU?

Iowa State University does not accept direct wire payments. All international payments should be facilitated through Convera or wired to a bank account in the United Stated to then use for online payment on AccessPlus

International U-Bill Payments:

  • Bank -to- bank transfer initiated through your AccessPlus account
  • Pay in the currency of your choice and have it converted to U.S. Dollars
    • If the currency of your choice is not listed select USD and the banks will process the conversion
  • Exchange rate valid for 72 hours after transaction is initiated
  • Payments transmitted to ISU electronically, typically posted in 3 to 5 days


 Accepted Payment Types Letter (PDF)


 Credit/debit card payments are NOT accepted for U-Bill payments 


How do I establish a bank account in the United States?

If you choose, you are welcome to establish a bank account with any bank to make payments towards your U-Bill or for other personal expenses you may have.

You will need determine which bank you want to use and go to one of their branches to open the account. Many of the accounts that will be established will be checking accounts. 

Check the bank’s website to see what necessary identification documents you will need to provide to banking officials so that you are able to open the account 

  • Passport 
  • Driver’s License 
  • Identification Card 
  • Completed W-8 form 
  • Student ID card 

To make payments on AccessPlus you will need to input routing and account given to when setting up the account.


What is a U-Bill?

The U-Bill (University Bill) is how Iowa State University will present charges including but not limited to tuition, fees, residence hall, meal plans, and other miscellaneous university charges.

The U-Bill is electronic and created on the 1st of each month. The U-Bill is due on the 20th of each month. The Accounts Receivable Office will email your Iowa State email address when your U-Bill is available in AccessPlus

 The U-Bill is your responsibility as it is your name on the account. Information will not be shared with parents or other guardians without your authorization.


Are payment plans available?

Pay In Full - Pay account balance list on U-Bill by due dates; you may have additional miscellaneous charges throughout the semester

Deferred Billing Plan - $20 fee per semester, 3 installments per semester, pay minimum due listed on U-Bill to enroll in this plan.

Monthly Payment Plan - $50 annual fee, covers only Fall/Spring charges, auto-debit from checking or savings account on the 20th each month (required), sign up is done in AccessPlus and open through mid-July.

  • Bank account drafts on the Monthly Payment Plan need to be a United States bank account.


Student To-Do List:

Complete in AccessPlus   

 ACCOUNT INFO RELEASE - Until this is completed, the only person that can discuss the details of your U-Bill is you.

 THIRD PARTY ACCESS - Until this is completed, the only person that can view the U-Bill is you.

 DIRECT DEPOSIT - In the event of a credit balance, direct deposit is recommended for a speedy refund. Direct deposit can be any valid US domestic bank account.


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