Employer Reimbursement Deferment Plan 

Iowa State University offers a deferment option for employees of businesses and organizations that provide tuition reimbursement programs. With successful enrollment in the deferment plan prior to the beginning of each semester, all applicable charges will be due after grades are presented. To enroll in the Employer Reimbursement Deferment Plan please complete our online form found on AccessPlus in the following location: AccessPlus>Student tab>Account/U-Bill>Empl Reimb Defer

There is a non-deferrable $35 fee that will be assessed to the U-Bill after successful enrollment into the Employer Reimbursement Deferment Plan. The fee will be due at the beginning of each semester

  • Employer Reimbursement Deferment Plan Semester Due Dates:
    • Fall: January 20th
    • Spring: June 20th
    • Summer: September 20th

Students will need to provide the following information on their enrollment form:

  • Employer Name (Company/Organization)
  • Contact Person          
  • Contact Telephone Number
  • Contact Email Address

Please note that we will not be contacting the employer on file for confirmation of enrollment

We also request that students provide a maximum dollar amount that has been approved by the employer (if applicable) and which categories should be deferred on the U-Bill. Please refer to the list below for categories that are able to be deferred:

  • Tuition
  • Health Fee
  • Activity Fee
  • Technology Fee
  • Special Course/Delivery Fee
  • Books
  • Records Fee

Students will be responsible for payment of any non-deferred charges on their U-Bill in accordance with statement due dates

Important Information for Iowa State University Employees

Iowa State University employees will need to submit a tuition reimbursement request prior to the posted deadline, via AccessPlus>Employee tab>Tuition Reimburse, and obtain approval through University Human Resources. For additional information about eligibility requirements and semester application periods for the Tuition Reimbursement Program please visit University Human Resources’ website: https://www.hr.iastate.edu/benefits/addlbenefits

For more information contact Sheila Hamerlinck in the Accounts Receivable Office at (515) 294-3701 or sheilah@iastate.edu