Establishing a Selling Agency


What is a selling agency?

A selling agency is a four digit number that associates with a departmental account. The selling agency is utilized in the distribution of revenue to the designated departmental per a semi-monthly distribution initiated by the University Receivables Office from the A/R Holding Account of 202 00 94


How do you request a new selling agency?

To establish a new selling agency, please login to AccessPlusUBusinessA/R ApplicationsRequest AgencyAdd Agency.  Identify the account number, if no selling agency is found, click “Request New SA”.  For further questions on this process, please contact Monica Sogard at 294-7397 or


What if I do not have access to A/R Applications?

To be granted access to A/R Applications please request administrative access via  Please identify the system option of Account Receivable access, currently located under the "Other" tab


How will I be notified if the new selling agency has been approved?

Upon approval, you will receive an email notification from Monica Sogard notifying the designated departmental contact of the new four digit selling agency that has been established for billing purposes


What if the request for a selling agency is not approved?

Upon review of the information submitting via A/R Application, an email notification will be forwarded to the designated departmental contact indicating that the selling agency has been denied and for what reason


What do I need to do if there are changes to the existing selling agency, such as department fund account, customer and/or business contact?

If there are changes to be made to the selling agency, please contact Monica Sogard at 294-7397 or email


How do I submit a special course fee or delivery fee for approval?

Please refer to the Special Course Fee Authorization Site at  Please direct any questions to


How frequent are the selling agencies reviewed?

The Accounts Receivables office requests all university departments review their selling agencies on an annual basis.  An email notification is forwarded to the university departments during the month of April. The review/update is performed on AccessPlusUBusiness.A/R ApplicationsUpdate Agency