New Account Requests through AR Applications


When do I need to request a new customer account?

A new customer account request is submitted if you are unable to locate an existing customer account in the University Receivables system


Where do I search for an existing customer account? 

  1. In A/R Applications Request CustomerAdd Customer, type a portion of the company name in the search fields. (Tip: because names may be abbreviated or listed differently, try a few different versions of the company/customer name when searching for an existing account)
  2. In the UR System in ADIN, use the NB function and type the beginning of the company/customer name
  3. In the UR System in ADIN, use the SE function. Type in a portion of the name and the city, press enter. The results that match both the name and city will be highlighted in yellow


How do I request a new account?

In A/R ApplicationsRequest CustomerAdd Customer, search for an existing account. If no account exists, click “New U.S./Domestic Customer” or “New International Customer


How will I be notified if the account has been approved?

Upon approval, you will receive an email notification from Afton Erdmann notifying the designated customer account number that has been established for billing purposes


What do I do if a new account request has been denied? 

Follow the instructions given in the reply e-mail. A comment will be noted within the body of the reply e-mail indicating why the new account request was denied. If there are additional questions, please contact Afton Erdmann at (515) 294-0830 or email


Why is it important to have a phone number and e-mail address? 

The Accounts Receivable Office relies on the contact information that departments are collecting from their customers.  In order to efficiently collect and process a customer’s payment, we request up-to-date contact information for every Iowa State University customer