Selling Department Financial Management Guidelines


What is Fee for Service (FFS)?

Fee for Service (FFS) Operations are established for the purpose of providing goods and/or services to University departments and/or external customers.  The Financial Accounting and Reporting (FAR) staff are available to provide guidance on establishing new accounts and developing appropriate billing rates that comply with University policies and procedures and federal cost accounting standards.  Resources and additional information are available on FAR’s website –


Who do I contact regarding an approval for Fee for Service (FFS)?

Contact the appropriate Financial Accounting and Reporting (FAR) staff for your department.


Do I need a contractual agreement before I can bill for internal/external customer sales?

Please visit the following Office of University Counsel’s site for further information.


How do I determine if my customers are internal or external?

Internal Sales - Sales of goods or services to other University departments or accounts within the University system. All internal sales, including those to grant accounts, are considered internal sales. Internal sales should be processed by Finance Delivery in Workday see for further details. 

External Sales - Sales of goods or services to external or non-University customers. Students and employees of the University are considered to be external customers when purchasing goods and services for personal use. All external sales should be processed through the ISU Accounts Receivables Office except when payment is collected at the point of sale.


What is considered a “Cash Sale/Point-of-Sale”?

At Iowa State University a cash sale is defined as any good or service that payment is presented at the point of sale. If you have any questions please contact the following Accounts Receivable Staff for further guidance:

Monica Sogard 515-294-7397

What if my department has cash sales only and does not have billable transactions?

Please be sure that you are following the University policy and procedures for cash handling provided by the Treasurer’s Office (515) 294-4363 or


How do I initiate an external billing through the University Receivables System?

See System Access & Record Management


What does Iowa State do for Identity Theft / Red Flag Rules?

See Identity Theft Prevention Program